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Online Educational Games

If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to teach your children at home, or if you need to know how to make sure that your kids don’t forget all the things they’ve learned in school over the summer, you may want to find a few educational games for their age group. These games can be very entertaining, and will allow your son or daughter to retain information in a way that is fun and engaging. Here are some resources for finding the best – and most affordable – games.

The Fun Brain site has a great variety of educational games for kids of all ages. You can play the games online using the ‘arcade’ features, and there are even Web books for kids that you can download to give your child a fun summer reading list. If you want to make sure that your child does not forget basic math skills, you’ll definitely want to try Fun Brain games like Fresh Baked Fractions, a game that teaches children how to recognize and create fraction using segments of baked goods. Or, you may want to try Math Baseball, a game that teaches both sports strategy and counting.

For grammar retention, Scramble-Saurus is a great game that will teach children how to recognize letters and transform them into words. There are also a number of other educational games for kids on the site will teach motor skills and community awareness, and many of the games are available in Spanish as well.

If your child is in elementary school, Primary Games has educational games for this age group. Science games on the site include Ocean Fun, which teaches young children about the creatures that live underwater. You can print out coloring pages of underwater animals for your children to color as well, which is ideal if you’re home schooling or trying to keep your children productive during the summer. Language Arts games include Candy Land Dora, where Nick Jr.’s Dora the Explorer is the main character. Flip Words and Bouncing Letters are also great games that will teach your children how to properly form sentences and recognize the letter combinations that make up words.

If your children watch PBS often, you’ll definitely want to log onto PBS Kids to find educational games for them. Their favorite characters from PBS cartoons, like Caillou and Arthur are featured on the site, and there are lots of pages to download for coloring, as well as music that you can incorporate into your child’s math, science, or language lesson. You can sign up for a free trial to see if you like the services, and the monthly fee is definitely affordable.

How to Find Smart, Affordable and Fun Educational

Play and learning go hand in hand and one of the easiest ways to teach kids is to combine the two into educational games that are appropriate for their age group. So how do you find the right kinds of educational games that will help reinforce what your kids are learning in school? The right ones will help your son or daughter retain what they have learned in a fun an engaging way. Here are some resources for finding the best and most affordable educational games for kids.

Check our for a variety of educational and fun games for kids of all ages. The games can be played on line using the arcade feature and there are even ebooks for kids that you cann download to beef up your child’s reading list – whether it’s for summer or any time of the year.

To help with some basic math skills, but trick ones, try the Fresh Backed Fractions game which teaches fractions by using portions of bakes goods. If your son or daughter is into sports, then try Math Baseball which helps reinforce both sports strategy and counting. If your child is a word-a-saurus then check out Scramble-Saurus, a great game that teaches children how to recognize letters and turn them into words. As an added bonus, many of the educational games for kids on the site are also available in Spanish.

For kids in primary school or elementary school, check out which has a number of educational games geared towards this age group. For a child that love science, check out Ocean Fun, which teaches young children all about the creatures that live underwater. The site includes fun printables that you can give to your child to color.

Don’t forget to find great educational games for kids without a lot of commercial content. Featuring kid favorites like Arthur and Calliou there are loads of games to help kids learn math, reading and work on their fine motor skills.

Whether you’re looking for summer activities or just trying to keep the kids engaged at home, there are a variety of free resources out there to help you find fun, exciting and educational games for kids. Have fun!

Fun Educational Games for Kids

When gifts are bought for children, they are typically bought with the intention of having fun. While entertainment is important for children, so is education. There are a multitude of fun educational games for kids on the market that make it possible for kids to have fun, while learning important life skills. Young children learn through play, whether it is role playing, solving puzzles or playing games. The benefits of providing games that educate include fine tuning motor skills, learning problem-solving skills and increasing attention span.

Motor Skills

All children can benefit from exercises that work on their motor skills. While young toddlers work to figure out how to use their hands and fingers to manipulate small items, kindergartners and first graders need to learn how to maneuver the mouse on a computer or handle small puzzle pieces to solve the puzzle. There are a variety of fun educational games for kids that are available on the market or even found online for free. Giving your child the opportunity to work on those motor skills will prove to be important for his future.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving skills are an important skill for any child. Children who don’t have the appropriate methods to solve a problem can become frustrated easily, making the higher grades in school, as well as life in general, difficult. Puzzles and games that require intricate thinking skills help your child’s brain to develop into one that can think logically and learn to find answers to problems, rather than giving up.

Attention Span

Toddlers have a short attention span, which is why preschools have many centers set up. This allows the students to move from center to center as they please to avoid boredom. As children grow up, however, an increased attention span becomes important. Giving your child plenty of opportunity to play games that are engaging, yet educational, will stimulate him and help him learn to sit at projects for longer periods of time.

The appropriate toys are an important component of any child’s life. It is finding the appropriate items that will instill educational value yet still be fun that is of utmost importance. Fun educational games for kids can be found everywhere you look. You can pull out a deck of cards, turn the computer on and find free games online or purchase educational items at the store that are fun, yet create a learning experience. Interacting with your child and providing him with the foundation to learn will lead him down the right path in life.