Nintendo DS Educational Games For Kids

Who says learning is boring? Gone are the days when teachers and parents alike will find kids sleeping during classes either at home or in school. With the rapid development of technology, learning can be fun and techie too!

A quick overview of Nintendo DS

Adults who probably grew up in the generation of Captain America circa immemorial, would think that Nintendo DS is just another alien computer games that is hard to comprehend.To put it simply, Nintendo DS is the revolutionized computer device that is mostly used by children today. Still confused? Here’s a quick overview:

It is a hand held game console produced and distributed by Nintendo. It has many features that takes the gaming experience a new and higher level with it’s crystal clear and high – definition LCD and built – in speakers. There are many models of the Nintendo DS that offers many different features such as wifi connectivity, mp3 player, microphone, different colors, big memory capacity and game application as well as other features.

Nintendo DS is very popular in fact; it is the best selling game console ever with over a hundred million units sold from its debut in America only. The number is steadily rising.

Because of its popularity, many people have innovated the game applications (game apps) from being entertaining, informative to educational.

Fun way of learning: Top 5 Educational games and where to find them

  1. Title of the game: Big Brain Academy

This game is good for children of any age, even the young at heart. It is packed with colorful graphics that help promotes brain activity. You can log in and buy from and for only $5.

  1. Title of the game: Spelling Challenges and more

Toddlers especially those who are starting to read and write can benefit from this application. It teaches kids proper spelling and grammar in a fun and entertaining way. You can opt to buy this product from, and Price can range from $9 to $14

  1. Title of the game: My Virtual Tutor: Reading Kindergarten to 1st Grade

This game is helpful for pre – school children to first graders. It comprises of vibrant and excellent animations as well as endearing characters. Any kid will certainly enjoy learning.

This game can be purchased from and Price starts at $18 to $20

  1. Title of the game: Let’s Draw

This application is good for preschooler and first graders who love arts and crafts. It promises to hone any kid’s creativity and potential skill in the arts. It has many features that can bring any children’s drawing to life such as sounds, movement and more. It is also packed with mini games that make use of drawn characters. and offer this product at a reasonable price of $19 to $24

  1. Title of the game: Sesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival

Pre school children can learn numbers and counting through many this mini game application. It also provides user friendly audio – visual directions and interface that are specifically designed to be used solely by the kids. It can be bought in major online stores like and Price ranges from $18 to $19.